StartupAZ Foundation believes in the fundamental generosity of our community and the diversity of people as an asset.  Generosity is embodied in inclusive access to opportunity and removes the barriers that exist to diminish or block access to growth.

We grieve the brutal and senseless murder of George Floyd and too many others. We will not tolerate racism, bigotry, and oppression in our community, or any community. We see, hear and feel the anguish and frustration of all Americans affected by racism, most especially our African American community. Now, more than ever, it is time to lift each other up, stand side by side and insist on access and opportunity for everyone, especially those who for too long have been overlooked, underrepresented, and left behind.

Central to StartupAZ’s mission is the power of entrepreneurship and its ability to propel families, whole communities, and even entire cities into economic and social resilience. Entrepreneurship can be a pathway for upward mobility to so many. More importantly, our vision of entrepreneurship embraces the core values of leadership, generosity, and paying it forward to the next generation of changemakers and disruptors. 

We are a young organization, still a startup ourselves, but we will commit to breaking down barriers of inequality and doubling our efforts as a leading voice and champion of an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem reflective of the diversity of our community. Together, we can and will do more.


Raising the Bar

Hear and read stories about Valley entrepreneurs and leaders who are raising the bar in the ecosystem. And how, through the spirit of generosity, they're driving performance. 

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